Cheng Chung-chuan Solo Exhibition

Traveling Lights






Traveling Lights - Cheng Chung-chuan Solo Exhibition


Artist | Cheng Chung-chuan

Opening Reception | 09.07.2019 Sat. 2:00 p.m. Powen Gallery

Duration | 09.07.2019 – 10.06.2019 (10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays)

Venue | Powen Gallery - Joint Exhibition - Moons Art Gallery


The paintings by artist Cheng Chung-chuan (b.1931-) are always full of infinite vitality while exuding a sense of calm stability. “Traveling Lights-- Cheng Chung-chuan Solo Exhibition” displays a selection of her important new works that lead us into the realm of lights with their dynamic lines.


After graduating from National Taiwan Normal University, Cheng Chung-chuan became a founding member of the Fifth Moon Group. She lived in Japan for more than 50 years, but remains an indelible artist in Taiwan's history of art.


As a progressive thinker, Cheng Chung-chuan nevertheless had to exert restrain because of the traditional society in which she grew up, and later because of the intangible norms imposed by society on women when she was living in Japan.  Only through creating could she release her spirit for a breath of fresh air. Each layering of brushstroke and oil paint is her soul seeking liberation.


Her creative styles ranged between figurative and abstract. Her paintings are bold and gallant with no hint of indecisiveness, making the viewers feel carefree and at ease. Yet under the extravagance is a gentle whisper.  This is where the story of the painting begins, leading viewers to fine savoring. If viewers pause before each painting for more than 10 seconds, they will be rewarded with an outpouring of many wonderful elements.


Cheng Chung-chuan has practiced the dignity of life. Each of her painting is bestowed on the viewers boundless thoughts and revelations.  Each layer of the consistently exploratory scene is the characterization of decades of detailed journey.


Magnanimous and open-minded, Cheng Chung-chuan has long escaped from entanglements and smiles in generosity. Among her works, her daring is touched with introversion.  Boldness is her nature; restrain is her balance when interacting with the world. Only by truly letting go of everything can one live freely.