Little Streams Make Mighty Oceans - Solo Exhibition of Chung-chuan Cheng








Little Streams Make Mighty Oceans

Chung-chuan Cheng


2017.09.02 - 10.01

Opening Reception | 9/2 (Sat) 14:00




Chung-Chuan Cheng's 2017 Solo Exhibition "Little Streams Make Mighty Oceans" is jointly organized by Powen Gallery and Moons Art Gallery. This exhibition brings together the important works of the artist and new pieces from recent years. This not only depicts the life attitude of Chung-Chuan Cheng closely, but also provides a relaxed atmosphere, in which the viewer can easily step into the world of abstract art. The artist leads the masses into a visual-to-soul feast using the rich atmospheric paintings.


The fine streams of one's memory is like a complex river system, with non-stop convergence, it gradually becomes a broad river just like the accumulation of the artist's life, which is the origin of these masterpieces. Chung-Chuan Cheng's canvas is made up of fine streams to create a river, even the sea. Rich strokes gather together creating the purest spirit, expressing her sincerest soul, and every sensitive feeling. Concrete and abstract are no longer ideological boundaries, drawing inspiration from all, embodying Zhuangzi's philosophy with elegance and strong vitality, bringing natural and magnificent beauty into the painting.


Chung-Chuan Cheng's works explore the thousand-word "inner landscape" by means of Western abstract automatism techniques and with the spirit of Eastern splashing skills in order to convey the power of nature as vividly as possible. The infinite deep universe, the correlation of Yin and Yang, vitality of the earth and enthusiasm of blooming flowers are all themes of the artist's focus. She echoes all things to her own understanding of the philosophy of life, going beyond the mortal system and out of secular values. Chung-chuan Cheng sees how small life is, and with a wider heart provides the world with a stronger sense of visionary imagination, where the viewer can pry out her macro thinking through the color, brushstrokes, and structure of her artwork.


"Just follow your heart, and keep going forward," Chung-Chuan Cheng believes that the faith at heart will often lead people to the desired future. Deeply influenced by thinker Joseph Murphy (1898-1981), she believes when painting, thoughts are the most important; if the heart is empty, the colors are only meaningless strokes. As Murphy once said: "The picture in one's heart is worth a thousand words. As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment." Only when the soul is rich, can one sway out their own spiritual images with the paintbrush. The stability and harmony that Chung-Chuan Cheng hopes for, is spread from her subconscious to her artwork with abundant feelings and joy, in the simple pursuit of the beauty of highest stability.