Upcoming Exhibition

Robots White Dogs Healers - Peter Opheim Solo Exhibition


Artist | Peter Opheim

Duration | 05.30.2020 – 06.28.2020 (10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays)

Opening | 05.30.2020 Sat. 3:00 p.m.

Venue | Powen Gallery map 


In each and every one of Peter Opheim’s paintings contain countless explanations, because he believes that each earthling is unique and has special qualities.

Peter is a 59-year-old artist from New York. All of the characters in his paintings are unique and never redrawn or recreated. He respects the characteristics of each viewer and collector, rather than repeatedly copying their personality and preferences.

The term so-called “Love thyself”, means having the ability to recognize your own uniqueness.

He believes that all of us will find the elves that represents ourselves in his works.