Hoho Lin

>> Uselessness - Group Exhibition | 2017

Reversed Scenery

As everything is eventually getting close to end its operation, somehow silence becomes amplified. I start to feel anxious and worried. Standing in the maybe forgotten place, maybe it’s the wind which helped remove some of my anxiety, despite restlessness of the “site.” That is a place which swallowed desires, or had been swallowed by desires. Fear grows out of absolute silence; my body is eroding darkness like the flow of time. All of the shared memories and decadence seem to be present again. The same angle and same image somehow separated everything in different times—that moment, this moment and the next moment. The eyes keep twitching quickly, too excited. Only by giving up properly can we survive. All the rest, which flashes like a shooting star, cannot be repeated; it can only stay in memories. The scenery in front of the eyes only exists in this moment. The time machine ridden stays in this moment. The glorious past has died in front of the eyes. Beautiful dreams far away; remorse cannot be exchanged back by anything. Only time, which keeps coming straight into my face, is left to keep eroding everything in front of my eyes. The accumulation of light made by time is as unreal as shadow, standing in front of me intangibly. Press the shutter button, and sunshine slowly leaks in from the edge of the frame. The long exposure became another me, which is not just a continuous narration, but an existence which can make people feel “me,” an existence in that non-existent light and shadow, resting in peace.