Lee Li-Chung

>> Night Flight - The Memo of Formosa Air Battle, The Final Chapter | 2021

>> Look Homeward, Angel | 2018

>> Longing for your Return | 2016

Born in 1980 in Tainan, Li-Chung Lee graduated from the Department of Information and Communication, Chinese Culture University, and worked as a magazine editor in Taipei. LEE moved back to Tainan after he quit the job in 2012. In recent year, LEE has been captivated by the homing instinct of racing pigeons, and hoped to construct a path of self-conversation through research on the culture of pigeon racing, targeting issues such as sense of belonging, destiny, and post-globalization. LEE also plans to write a history of Taiwan’s pigeon racing, which is also Taiwan’s modern history, through a number of narrative works. 2019 work, “Battle of Mt. Zhugao and Red Feet Ling”, was nominated for Taishin Awards and selected to Kaohsiung Awards. 2020 work, “The memo of Formosa Air Battle”, was exhibited at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan Biennial.