Between Illusion and Reality– Kishin Shinoyama

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Kishin Shinoyama,1940-
1940 Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo. His father is an abbot at a Buddhist temple.
1959 Enrolled in the Department of Photography, the College of Art at Nihon University.
1961 Employed as a part-time photographer in the Light Publicity.
1963 Graduated from Nihon University and continued the job in the advertising agency. Photo works about female nudes were published on several photo magazines.
1968 Left the Light Publicity for being a free-lance photographer. Photo works were getting more and more popular. Published his 1st photo album “Shinoyama and 28 women”.
1970 Published his 2nd photo album “Nude”. This had praised as “The birth of new nude art”.
1971 Married a model, June Adams.
1972 Published renowned Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando’s 1st photo album.
1973 Visited China.
1975 “Gekisha” had been a new term of photography.
1975 Travelled in India, Arabian Peninsula, Paris, and other overseas areas.
1979 Married a singer, Minami Saori.
1980 Published a series of photo albums about the heritages around the world.
1979 Published “Shinoyama Silk Route”.
1983 Travelled in New York. Created his new photography style “Shinorama”.
1988 Published actress Kumiko Gotoh’s photo album “Damsel’s Dreams”
1989 Published actress Seiko Matsuda’s photo album “No Comment”
1991 Published actor Masahiro Motoki’s nude photo album “White Room” and actress Rie Miyazawa’s nude photo album “Santa Fe”. The latter had been an innovation of Japanese nude photo history.
1995 Published photo album “Great Sumo”.
2000 Published ballet dancer Manuel Legris’ nude photo album “Legris in Opera”.
2003 Published photo album “Temple Hasegawa, Kishin Shinoyama”.
2005 Published photo album “Young Lions in Kabuki World”.
2006 Published photo album “Akiko Kanda, Kishin Shinoyama, AKIKO”.
2007 Published photo album “AKB48 JUMP & CRY”.
2008 Published photo album “Transparent Speed/BMW, Art Car Collection”
2009 Published Tamasaburo Bando’s photo album “The Kabukiza: the Best Version”
2010 Published Tamasaburo Bando’s photo album “The Last Show Tamasaburo and the Kabukiza”
2010 Published photo album “Kishin Shinoyama at Tokyo Disneyland (NEW Magic)”
1961 Japan Advertising Photographer’s Association (APA) Award
1966 The Newcomer’s Award of Japan Photo Critics Association Awards
1970 The Annual Award of Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS) Award
1972 The Newcomer’s Award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts
1973 Kodansha Publication Culture Award, Photography Award
1979 Mainichi Publishing Culture Award
1986 The Domestic Photographer Award of Higashikawa Awards
1994 Sponichi Culture and Art Award
1996 Mainichi Publishing Culture Award
2000 Golden Award of Society of Public Designers, USA
1966 Group exhibition in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
1972 Solo exhibition in Amsterdam, Holland
1974 Group exhibition in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Solo exhibition in Los Angeles
1975 Joined “Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie”, France
1976 Exhibited at Japan Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia
1978 Solo exhibition “Tamasaburo’s Cosmos”
1979 Solo exhibition “Great Gekisha”
1979 Solo exhibition “Momoe”
1983 Solo exhibitions about the Silk Route
1983 Solo exhibition “Cinorama TOKYO1984”
1983 Exhibited “Shinorama, People” at Tsukuba EXPO
1987 Exhibited “Cinorama TOKYO1987” at Pompidou Centre, France
1988 Solo exhibition “Tamasaburo Bando’s World”
1989 Solo exhibition “Shinjuku”
1990 Solo exhibition “Cinorama TOKYO1990”
1991 Solo exhibition “Kishin Shinoyama, TOKYO Future Century”
1997 Solo exhibition “Kishin Shinoyama as Camera Boy”
1999 Solo exhibition “Manno Art”
2004 Solo exhibition “Human Relations”
2007 Exhibited at The Armory Show, USA
2008 Solo exhibition “20XX TOKYO”
2010 Solo exhibition “Kishin Shinoyama, Shinorama Tokyo” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum