Happiness. Rhythm of Flora.- Solo Exhibition of Martino Yu

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I-Chun Yu(游宜群, 1977-), a Taiwanese artist, who had studied Chinese calligraphy and painting since the childhood. His English name is Martino (“M” means an art master art living and playing in art; “in” implies his artworks are of contemporary; “o”, a Latin word in the name is end of o, stands for a male. Martino is “Martin” in Italian language). Martino majored in Chinese painting for the B.F.A and M.F.A. degree at two prestigious universities known for arts. Before 30 years old, his paintings have been collected by two national museums in Taipei. Also interested in singing, the artist had a short study of classic vocal in Spain and Italy, respectively. After completing the PhD. study of design in 2010, he was awarded the Golden Melody Awards in 2011 with his falsetto tutor, Wen-bin Chou. Currently, Martino engages in the calligraphy tutor of the universities and the arts institutions.

The artist gets accustomed to practice calligraphy every early morning even though he had been studied Chinese art for the decades. Martino loves the Nature and tends to read the Chinese philosophy classics and Buddhist ones for the knowledge or self-meditation. Being an amiable and humble person, the life issues deeply inspire the artist, so the motifs of his art creations are always familiar to people. Besides, he admires the bold colours used by the Fauvists as well as the mortality concept expressed from Edvard Munch’s works. Upon his past ink paintings (eg. Solo exhibition “Retrospect & Prospect” in 2003), he expresses very detailed lines on depicting abstract or organic forms. The artist takes for granted that the ink painting is able to combining the traditional Chinese art spirits with the contemporary art ideology. In recent years, he starts to work oil/acrylic paintings with Chinese painting skills (eg. Solo exhibition “Happiness. Rhythm of Flora” in 2011). People have already perceived that he has much advance on both the skill and profundity. The artist would like to discover an innovation for the contemporary art as well as the ink painting.