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“Donde más profunda de las flores se han escondido tantos…secretos” – Solo Exhibition of Yuan-Sheng Tsai

Yuan-Sheng Tsai, an artist from Taipei, was born in 1969. He has been fascinated by painting since his childhood. After obtaining the fine art background at Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School and National Taiwan University of Arts accordingly, he set off to study in Spain, and this overseas experience which obviously is the turning point for his creations. In the western history, Spain is located in the unique geographical area influenced by the Europe continent, the North Africa and the Mid-East, thus she is such a significant intersection impacted by the primitive culture and civilization. From hundreds years ago, several well-known Spanish art masters are attributed to this vibrant land which has inspired the innocence and openness in native artists. Grown up in a reserved and rational society of Taiwan, Yuan-Sheng Tsai is carefree to release his sensibility part in Spain. Why this overseas study is a crucial change for him? Because he is able to facing his inner part bravely and then creating art works with sincerity. He would not be the kind of artist who cares about the art trend or commercial benefits!

Artist’s works present himself or herself. Likewise, Yuan-Sheng Tsai’s works depict his elements vividly. The artist is such an innocent person who lives in a simple life. He is not a so-called “conventional slave” defined by the society. He believes that the relationship between people and other creatures is of subtleness but impermanence.

The mind in the human is pure when they were born. However, the family background and social environment have a great effect upon the future of everyone. People turn to be more wary and impure when they grow older. Furthermore, people also care about others’ viewpoint or attitude toward themselves due to longing for others’ approval.

The art works of Yuan-Sheng Tsai have inspired modern people a lot. The pure innocence and frank feelings promote people to discover the individual instinct as well as intuition in the limited life-time. Gradually, everyone is able to establishing his or her own utopia freely.