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CHENG Chung-chuan: Twilight


Artist | CHENG Chung-chuan

Duration | September 4 – October 3, 2021 (10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays)

Venue | Powen Gallery map

Joint Exhibition | Moons Art Gallery map

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Cheng Chung-Chuan (B.1931-), a founding member of the Fifth Moon Art Group and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, is now 90 years old. 


Cheng Chung-Chuan’s creative artworks go beyond pure paintings. She is not burdened by interests, status, and fame. Her works reveal undisguised truth, which bears either ideational, philosophical, or eternal characteristics. 


She has focused on creative works for decades. Her exploration of life is not only about theories, but also boundless feelings. The deep meanings that her works reveal reflect the profoundness of a creator’s mind.


The longer we watch her paintings, the deeper our feelings get. 


As long as they are humans, everyone in the world will have countless physical and mental traumas throughout their lives. The older they are, the more they accumulate these traumas. Negative memories continue to emerge back and forth. It seems that there will be no solutions forever. 


Human beings are creatures with wisdom. They should reflect on themselves and turn a negative thought into a positive spin. 


The physical world remains unchanged. The only thing that can be done is to change oneself. Thus, one’s world will naturally turn around and get harmonious and comfortable. We are not to change who we are, but rather our attitude. We can behave in a more all-around and harmonious manner.


People can bring light to others around them through their roles and abilities. It is about dedication and love. This can be done regardless of how long one’s life will last, 30 years or 100 years. 


Compared with the earth or the universe, human life is short and insignificant. However, the light we create will have a multi-generational impact. When it is combined with other people’s light, they altogether make the world shine.


Writing has limitations in and of itself, and it is only a guide. However, just like an individual, Cheng Chung-Chuan’s creative artworks have unlimited possibilities and potentials. We can discuss or find what we need in her works. Through our visual experience, we will obtain tranquility, enlightenment, and eternal inner happiness in the chaotic and fast-paced environment.