Peter Opheim Solo Exhibition

Robots White Dogs Healers






Robots White Dogs Healers - Peter Opheim Solo Exhibition


Artist | Peter Opheim

Duration | 05.30.2020 – 06.28.2020 (10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays)

Opening Reception | 05.30.2020 Sat. 3:00 p.m.

Venue | Powen Gallery map


These should still be abstract paintings.


We need not try and search for any familiar figures since the meanings of these cluster of spherical objects could be personalities and background stories.


Peter Opheim (b. 1961-), born in Germany, now is an artist based in New York. He has been painting abstract artworks for over twenty years. Later in his career, his style gradually morphed into what we see today.


In his eyes, each life has a “unique characteristic” given by God, and he expresses them through these cluster of spherical objects. Furthermore, each viewer is also unique. Each painting could somehow associate with the viewer’s personal history. This association creates a deep bond and deserves to be respected.


In recent years, Opheim has visited Taiwan twice. Those who had come across or ever talked to him, if they were unique enough to impress him, could become the characters in his paintings. However, only Opheim knows who these characters are in the paintings.


There are over 1000 different characters created by Opheim to date, and they cannot possibly be repeated because everyone ought to be unique in this world. Nevertheless, in a society, the phenomenon of people simply agreeing and following blindly is getting worse and worse nowadays. People’s own characteristics are lost.


This exhibition is titled “Robots White Dogs Healers - Peter Opheim Solo Exhibition”. The characters in the exhibition are elves. They are a symbol of smart and cleverness, having their own ego.


This is the third solo exhibition in Taiwan for Opheim. He has a deep connection to Taiwan. The artist has his own exquisitely keen sense.


The artworks chosen to be exhibited in Taiwan are a collective creation. They are also a concept and may include pedestrians or a reflection of cultures in Asia or Taiwan.


Male or female, man or other animals, old or young, Opheim did not depict them in specific details; everything is left to our imagination. He believes that we were all born with artistic characteristics; if viewers feel healed, then they may have found their corresponding “innocence” from his artworks, which is worthy of congratulations, and shall be cherished dearly.