Wu Hsichi Solo Exhibition × Bountiful Journey







ISLET - Wu Hsichi Solo Exhibition × Bountiful Journey


Artist | Wu Hsichi

VIP Opening Reception | 11.16.2019 Sat. 2:00 p.m.

Duration | 11.16.2019 - 11.24.2019

Venue | Bountiful Journey

Reservation | (02) 3151-8888

Organizer | Continental Engineering Corporation × Powen Gallery


"Islet” is an essential element in Wu Hsichi’s paintings. ⠀


In his childhood, Wu Hsichi lived in Jinguashi, where he constantly looked at Keelung Islet. Now from his studio in Toucheng, Yilan, he can see Guishan Island, which is a smaller island compared with Taiwan. ⠀


Plenty of lines. Wu Hsichi thinks that we are surrounded by countless lines, and the fact that we do not realize them doesn't mean they do not exist. Instead, they appear as all kinds of information, which constitutes a physical presence. The information may represent purity or fabrication, and they always coexist. ⠀


Wu Hsichi reveals the positive life philosophy, through his sensitive and sharp mind, in each of his painting. He longs to inspire people to achieve their greatness in eternity.