Artist Talk 

Conversation of Split & Illusion - Hsu Hsin-wen Solo Exhibition

Artist Talk | 06.22.2019 Sat. 3:00 p.m. Talk with Tan Li-hsin

Artist | Hsu Hsin-wen

Duration | 06.01.2019 – 06.30.2019 (10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays)

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by Tan Li-hsin


The artist has long been intuitively inclined to use a variety of linear media, first with pencils then recently with transparent water pipes. The varying lengths of the linear structure are both strongly directional and symbolic, and almost indexical, a metaphorical aesthetic gesture of an" instrument." On the other hand, in the linear alignment of different lengths, the natural gaps in the different linear segments become wrinkles of fluctuating depths. This generates splits in the object itself, creating a unique expression that is apart from the subject. It transcends the meaning of the existing carrier and shapes an inner and outer tension that changes infinitely. Such a technique seems to reveal the poetic essence of the object, like a chaotic concept poised to launch and the unsung poems of the deaf and mute.

Simply put, the poetic quality of an instrument and the art of the object are the most powerful manifestation of the paradoxical inner and outer tension in her works. In the process of creation, various indescribable thoughts are formed through moments of emotional collage. The idea of the final image remains unformed during the process; only a state of "emotional movement" has been forged. The myriad of shapes, structures and network change in concert to depict a "relationship" landscape. At this point, the meaning of the "relationship landscape has yet to emerge. Until the final meaning is completed, the return to materiality can be reached and imagined, and even the blank space can be inhabited.