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Wu Hsichi

>> Islands from the Above | 2020

>> Lines in between Void | 2019

>> Stuck in Virtual Reality | 2018

>> Solemn Figures | 2017

>> Non-human But Human | 2016

>> Caged | 2015

Born in New Taipei City, Taiwan in year 1965, currently working and living at Yilan, Taiwan.

Wu Hsichi focuses on painting and exploration of all kinds of media, particular at mixed media as a medium, elaborated on pulse of life, life perception and relationship between people and environment. In his earlier series, mainly focuses on abstract way to explore life philosophy, causing invisible landscape burst out of a quiet force, leading the deepest but pure touching artwork. Since year 2012 series, Wu Hsichi began to focus on imagination of human form, thus for current "Solemn Figures" series is still ongoing, further integrates into overlapping of life and environment, showing the intimacy of human nature and mother nature, also reality of alienation.