Pei-xin Chuang 

>> Under Right Circumstances | 2017
>> Travel Without a Clear Purpose | 2016

Capsule toys tornado 

The viewer is invited to insert a pound coin to get a capsule toy. He or she then inserts this into another device, which turns the toy into smoke. This playful installation reflects exchange value and the transformation of a product into smoke, and discusses the exchange of money and culture. This very particular way of correlating ready-mades is a further reflection on post-colonial Taiwan, whose unique co-operative culture is the result of a borrowed legal and administrative system. 

Hyper reality landscape 

For a period of time, the artist started to question reality itself, and where he stood in it. Photography seemed to be the perfect medium to construct the unreal sensation he experienced. The acrylic balls lie over a screen, partially enlarging the photographic images behind. The distorted documentation delivers a reality closer than what we see with our own eyes.