Cheerful Buds in the Early Summer– Wan-Ting Su/ Words by Viviane Lee

Wan-Ting Su, aged 30, a female Taiwanese artist was born in Hsin-chu.  After graduating from the department of Art Education at National Taichung Teachers College, in 2007, she obtained M.F.A degree in Institute of Plastic Art at Tainan National University of Arts.  In 2009, she was accepted by Taiwan’s Artists in Residence (A.I.R) program and produced artworks at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in America.  Her artwork types are as diverse as installation art, video art, sculpture, and painting.  Regarding art creations, she takes for granted the process that artists work a piece can be compared with the one that “alchemists change ordinary metals into gold.”  After applying herself in paintings as an alchemist, it is obvious for viewers to discover that the brilliant colors with the forms similar to microscopic organisms or cell tissues compose a rhapsody in her “strange fantasy world”.

Wan-Ting Su indicates “‘Art’ is a creative process that expresses the appearance of artist’s life…, and I try to create various imaginations which are far from the daily life.”  Her dancing lines, vibrant hues, transformative images can be associated with Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso’s characteristic styles.  While “A Strange Fantasy World” is her main idea, “Infinity of Fantastic Spirit – Propagation & Regeneration” is what she has been interested in paintings.  Besides, she has a preference of using the mixed media as pipes or wires on the works.  When browsing her abstract and transformative images, viewers easily think of the flowers, seeds, or several childhood fantasies.  They can feel the cheerful atmosphere as well as the endless vitality from the paintings.  Wan-Ting Su stresses that an artwork’s life “could be kept going in various appearances by propagation & regeneration, so “a fairy garden always appears when something disappears.”